Hoofed Animals and others…

Hoofed animals are so diverse… Horse, dee, zebra, mules and and and…they can all be felted very similarly. They can be recreated fabulously and quite true to life. And you an also make un-hoofed mammals which are standing on four legs. Fox, dog, elephant etc. can by felted the same way, hurray! But look now … Read more

Twister Pots

Dagmar Binder’s felted vessels from Textillabor in Berlin Is your glass usually half empty or half full? Are these felted chambers full with color or are they empty.Never mind if you see them empty. Then you can embellish them if you want by sewing beads into them for example. As one of the instructors of … Read more

Felted Fur Collar

A felted collar with wool locks… is an absolute eye-catcher on boring monochrome coats and also simply warms over a sweater. Nadia Szabó from Lunavifelt will show you in the Virtual Felting Camp 2023 between  27 March – 5 April 2023, with what tailored pattern you can felt such splendid piece and create this texture. Click … Read more

Warty Tentaclothorpes

Verrucatis Tentaculata in Latin. Genus of the colorful fuzzies. Here you can see different ones of this species and read some very insider informations from newest thorpe research… At first glance, you can see that they have warts and tentacles, as well as wonderful colors and skin textures. They shed their skin more often and … Read more

Magical Felt Bags

One resist – countless variations… The following bags were made by many different people in the same course. See the wonderful diversity! Flap, straps, bag come out almost like from a 3D printer: these don’t need to be sewn on. And there is also an inside pocket and absolutely NO WASTE left in this project. The … Read more

Felted Slippers

Felt slippers can be so different in style that really everyone can discover something for themselves. Wet felting is a great hobby with which the whole family can provide with the most distinctive felt slippers. Here I show you some examples as inspiration: Felt slippers with leather and fabric applications Felt and leather are a … Read more

Make Felt Not War Felting Project

Make Felt Not War In February 2022 in a cozy Irish pub in Hungary Corinna Nitschmann drank hot chocolate and Péter Póth a cold beer while sitting depressed by the actual political happenings: Putin attacked Ukraine. The world was shocked, we were frozen…what should we do? What can we do? Does anything make sense to … Read more

#makefeltnotwar Project Insights

#makefeltnotwar Here I will gradually share the currently received parts for our big peace felt project, that I have already unpacked, supplemented with the numbers, because it is interesting to know how many people are there from where in the world.Unfortunately, it’s beyond my time to write the names, I hope nobody will be angry with … Read more

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