Dagmar Binder's felted vessels from Textillabor in Berlin

Is your glass usually half empty or half full? Are these felted chambers full with color or are they empty.
Never mind if you see them empty. Then you can embellish them if you want by sewing beads into them for example.

As one of the instructors of the Virtual Felting Camp 2023 between 27 March – 5 April Dagmar Binder,  would like to show you some things:chamber play. Here are some examples what you can use this technique for:

Textile laboratory at the tidal ditch

Take a side trip if you’re in Berlin. Such a great place for bubbling creativity the former no-man’s land between East and West Berlin has got! That’s where the wall dividing the German metropolis was standing.

The Virtual Felting Camp 2023 will open on 27 March and Dagmar will teach on 3 April how you can make a twister pot.

Of course there will be a recording if you are working during the day. On another day she will be live again in the Q&Q follow up ZOOM which will also be recorded, so you won’t lose out on information if you are interested in the topic but not free at the time.

Share this post if you have felters interested who might have wanted to swirl along, motley or two-tone…. THANK YOU!

And that’s a bigger pot with a chamber crown.

Join us

to learn the chamber technique from Dagmar ONLINE HERE


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