Hoofed animals are so diverse...

Horse, dee, zebra, mules and and and…they can all be felted very similarly. They can be recreated fabulously and quite true to life. And you an also make un-hoofed mammals which are standing on four legs. Fox, dog, elephant etc. can by felted the same way, hurray!
But look now how many versions are shown only here to the mane:

Pegasus & Magic Deer

…or even a glamorous unicorn in rainbow colors are also a path that creativity can take if you get involved in this theme.

Hey, how cool would this look like for Christmas in white and red!

Bea Németh will show you during the Virtual Felting Camp 2023 between 27 March – 5 April 2023 everything that you need to know to be able to felt your special animal that will carry you safely to distant dream worlds. What would be your style? Fantasy animal or rather real? Write it in the comments.


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