Felt slippers can be so different in style that really everyone can discover something for themselves. Wet felting is a great hobby with which the whole family can provide with the most distinctive felt slippers. Here I show you some examples as inspiration:

Felt slippers with leather and fabric applications

Felt and leather are a great combination: on the one hand they are natural, ecological materials -which are even “close” to each other-, on the other hand both are easy to work with.

Instead of leather, of course, you can also take felt or fabric scraps to spice up simple felt slippers with such sewn-on elements.

Worn jeans are not hard to find and felt with jeans recycling really deserves a thumbs up and looks great too! 

Take a close look at how much denim is actually on the following felt slippers….

Just see what fabric scraps are available at home and use them to sew patterns onto your felt slippers.

Nuno felt slippers

If you know how to felt slippers and have some experience in nuno felting, you can of course also felt footwear
with fabric inlays as pattern, have a look:


Playful felt slippers

Remember when the trend came, where you could buy in all shoe stores slippers that looked like animal paws of different breeds, yeti or even chicken feet?

Such, of course, can be felted wet.

Not only children will be pleased with funny slippers, but also adult women, even men. Imagine how serious businessmen at home finally let it all hang out…or loosely walk around with funny feet… LOL

When do you wear chili peppers on your feet? A great idea for a spicy lover or for chefs. (With pretzel also for bakers or to the Oktoberfest, but then with street-suitable soles).

Decoration with other felting technique

Felt slippers you can decorate with all the felting techniques that exist. Needle felting can apply wonderful motifs, but I would definitely re-felt them wet, because as I often sit on chairs – with my feet and legs pulled under me and again so and so slipping and twisting, the motif would quickly start to pill and fray. But maybe you sit as it is required of well-mannered adults, then needle felting as a surface decoration would be something for you:

Felt slippers with cut pattern

Cut into the half ready or nearly ready felt and then between your fingertips close the cut edges with rubbing. Otherwise they will fray a bit later and it won’t look nice.

Motifs felted with place holder sheets

Here you can see the “cracked mud” felting technique with a tiny lizard. 

The following fish pattern was created with a separating layer/place holder layer (e.g. a piece of plastic sheet) between the wool layers. The fish occured by accurately cutting away the felt layer above the place holder after felting. Such clear lines can only be achieved when the felt is completely rolled through, and you have a very very sharp cutting tool. The edges really don’t stay that crispy forever.fish 

Slippers with knit and embroidery

Can you embroider or weave? Work directly on the felt or sew matching thread work onto the felt.

In the following felt slippers with the circle pattern on top, I would like to point out that the edges are cut around the foot opening. Although you can see that the felt is very dense and rolled through, I don’t recommend it, because cut felt edges that are not re-felted will fray if they are used a bit, and they will do on slipper openings when you slip in, step on them, etc.

Can you knit or crochet? Unfortunately, I have long forgotten it and nowadays no time to delve into it, so I always look envious when I see beautiful crochet borders. Something like that can also be combined well with felt.

Wool locks on the the felt surface

Think of how beautiful felted surfaces are created by felted locks. Also for slippers…who wants to cuddddle?

But…plastic wiggle eyes never, ever belong to felt! No. Forbidden. Forget it. Not even on craft afternoons with kids to make it go fast. Never insult the wool, the handwork and the environment with this garbage please, that the world does not need. There are alternatives, as the simplest to embroider an X, otherwise sew on buttons or similar, needle felting, felting coins, and so on.

I really like the following. So elegant hand felted slippers for men.

Click on the images to get to the source of the image, there are often interesting things to see. If the picture leads to nowhere, the picture was hanging in the net without any website. (I as Corinna Nitschmann do not take any liability for the content of the linked pages). Which felt slippers do you like best or who would you like to felt some for? Write it as a comment below.


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    • Good news for me. 😉 Make some place in your calender from the 28th of November. (Pst…on demand so no special day is needed.)

  1. J’adore, elles sont étonnantes. Super. On en fait quand 🤣😉🤗.
    Merci pour le partage. Bonne journée et à très vite. 💋

  2. Fab – I made a pair on a workshop once, they are super cosy. I put pressed felt insoles in them so they don’t wear too quickly (from a company called Joestoes)

    • Yes, that’s a good idea because also when you use different colored wool for the core and other for the outside the upper color will wear out under the heels after a while.

    • Il n’y avait pas besoin de talent. Il suffit d’assembler les fibres colorées telles qu’elles viennent du cœur, puis de faire le travail pour attacher les fibres.


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