A felted collar with wool locks...

is an absolute eye-catcher on boring monochrome coats and also simply warms over a sweater. Nadia Szabó from Lunavifelt will show you in the Virtual Felting Camp 2023 between  27 March – 5 April 2023, with what tailored pattern you can felt such splendid piece and create this texture. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

From the colors point of view...

Wool locks are available in a number of wonderful natural colors, so you don’t have to use dyed ones.
However, you can also work with raw wool locks, then you just need more soap, warmer water and rinse a little longer at the end.

Are you for colorful, just take dyed wool or felt with natural colored wool and overdye the finished collar. The miracle of the latter solution is that it will not be completely uniform in color, because the different locks and lock parts always take the color a little differently and you get a wonderful monochrome diverse fine result.

It can also be felted for longer...

That way you’re right at a poncho.

The neck part...

It can stand so great or be opened. But there is also a pattern, where no stand-up collar appears. Maybe a good alternative for notorious scarf wearers. Click on the pictures.

You can’t stand wool locks? Fortunately this type of felting a collar also goes without locks but with any other surface design you choose: nuno-felt, even surface with pre-felt patterns or yarns on the top.
The cut remains the same.

You don’t need such a collar? Then you will benefit from the surface design technique, which you can also use for caps, bags and any felt objects.

Nadia Szabó from Lunavifelt will show you during the Virtual Felting Camp 2023 between 27 March – 5 April how it works.

And until then:

“To yearn is to see with all the fibers of one’s heart and not (yet) to be able to grasp.”

– Helga Schäferling


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