Felting & socializing in virtual space

CorNit's Felting Camp 2023 ONLINE

The intercontinental virtual gathering for wet felters

Felting & socializing in virtual space

CorNit's Felting Camp 2023 ONLINE

The intercontinental virtual gathering for wet felters

Felting Classes & Other Programs

“I’ve learned so many things that I can’t wait to work into other projects.THX!” Nadja Mueller – student from the German speaking virtual camp with the same program.

What we are going to do...

Learn new things through...

Felting together live
presentation by Jorie Johnson
An introduction to some unusual felt works found towards the eastern end of the Silk Road.
Resist-paste dyed motif, direct application of color with natural pigment, as well as tie-dyed expression will be discussed.
These design techniques of Chinese and Korean artisans are rarely seen or exhibited in the west.
Jorie will introduce aspects of her collection and show techniques she has personally practiced with masters in Asia.
Psychofelting - Surprise program

A walk on the not so lint-free paths of the human soul.

A 3-4 hour program combined with felting. As material you can take any type of wool that you just have at home.

More info via email, it will be exciting…

Video Courses- also for download

In an on-site course, you diligently take notes in hopes that you can recall everything later. And then in 3 years you don’t find them or can’t image what was ment with…if you can decipher your handwriting at all. With the video downloads, you’re guaranteed to have all the info years from now, no tip goes lost. And you can rewind as many times as you need.

Step-by-step photo guides
For each course you get a detailed pdf photo tutorial. You can print it or look at it digitally and use it again and again at the felting table as a cheat sheet, or enjoy it in your armchair with a cup of tea and develop it further in your head.

Online workshops

Felting courses live
Join in online, felt with the instructors, ask questions live during the session and get the professional answer right away. The classes are recorded, so again, you won’t miss anything if you can’t be there live. No info gets lost and you can work also later in your own pace.
Yoga for felters
.Well-deserved stretching of hard-working muscles and limbs under professional guidance. Free yourself from cramps, promote blood circulation, let your creative mind rest a bit. Practically from screen to screen in your usual environment. The excercises are suited for people who have never done yoga or work outs before.

In touch...Party time!

Follow up meetings for each course
A day after each felting course we come together again with the master to clear things also afterwards. Until then you can do or finish the work also in your own pace. Here you can see the works  createded by your pals also, further ideas, questions & answers come up, so it is always a colorful pool of inspiration, almost like on site.
Bonfireside chat

Hang out with your felting peers intercontinental at the virtual ZOOM campfire.

Where are you felting around the globe? What else do you do? Do you do a lot of felting in your country? Do you cook letcho with or without chili? What breeds of sheep do you have?

Free topics without direction, just drop in to see who is around and have tea together.

CorNit's Felting Forum
The facebook-independent felting forum where you can reach Corinna and your fellow felters during the camp and afterwards. If you felt only or again in a few months, upload a photo in the forum because there your work is always gladly received and will reach people. Also the work of others can inspire you there now and in the future.
Get in touch with us
We are here for you! Ask your questions from your favorite chair, bed, or felting table. Drill the instructors with questions in the lessons or Q&A follow ups. You can also get answers in the CorNit felting forum and show your work later. We will also try to solve any online technical problems you may have. We’ll be there for you, you won’t stay alone with your fuzzy problems.

Celebrating art

Opening ceremony
Virtual and interactive exhibition with the art works of the instructors.  Ask them directly your questions after they tell you about their artworks and show them. Satisfy your curiosity right at the source. These luminous carpets are works by Mihály Vetró.
Closing ceremony
The virtual exhibition from the created felt works of this week and a last happy get-together. Invite also your family, friends, neighbors, this program is open to all interested. Sitting there proudly that you are part of it with your works elevates your mood for a longer time.

5 Colorful Felting Themes

Dagmar Binder: Twister Pots

…the colorful fiber swirls for bunkering your treasures

– You will be initiated by Dagmar Binder into secrets, as if you were with her in the Berlin based felting studio named “Textillabor”
– You connect the fibers seamlessly to a wonderful 3D object, without sewing or needle felting.
– You’ll learn to arrange voids in spirals.
– These basic techniques can then be used in many ways, as objects, decorative details on clothing, or even for large-scale wall hangings. A swirl on a hat, eye catching edge decoration on a felt jacket…let your imagination run wild after you have the secrets in your pocket.

Click on the images if they appear unsharp.

Dagmar Binder Textillabor, Berlin

Mihály Vetró: Shoulder bag & Anatolian Pattern Heritage

… cleverly time-saving resist technique for your oriental-inspired dream bag

– Your fabulous bag you felt with a single template: inner pocket, flap, strap…everything is created at the same time. It doesn’t get any more time-saving and compact than this.

– Mihály introduces you to the sesame cave of the Anatolian-Turkish pattern treasure. What you find here you can use again and again later, you will have the knowledge to plan similar patterns.

– Also, the technique of how patterns are felted in Anatolia will be yours.  

– As icing on the cake, you will learn some embroidery stitches on felt.

Click on the pictures if they appear blurry.

Mihály Vetró

Bea Németh: Hoofed Animals or others...

Donkey, dog, zebra, deer, pegasus, fox & Co.

– All kind of four-legged, standing animals you can felt in this course although Bea will show you how with felting a lovely donkey

– You will know how to felt completely different characters with the same method 

– True to nature or abstract, both are possible.

– Different solutions for manes and faces

Click on the images should they appear blurry

Bea Németh

Márti Csille: Warty Tentaclothorpes

Enchanted species from the genus of “fuzzers” as carriers for learning special surface designs.

– Give birth to surprising felt objects to love, as room decor or children’s toys.

Being able to felt tentacles of the delicate kind brings you more decorating options for other felt objects as well.

– Lose yourself in the world of colorful surface textures.

– The warts are a nifty extra trick.

– Whether hollow with a nice decorated inside or stuffed

Click on the images should they appear blurry.

Márti Csille

Nadia Szabó: Felted Fur Collar

Get your cuddly “armour” for glamorous moments and as an eye-catcher . Because you deserve it.

– Curl alert! Your felt collar that you can wear over your coat, but also just over a sweater will make your day every time you wear it.

–  Templates for high or low neck – as you prefer. 

– How to lay out the locks (or yarns) for fringes along the edges and on the surface is a knowledge you can use for other felt projects as well.

– You can also make an even or nunofelt collar with a different surface design using this template if you don’t want to have locks.

CLICK on the PICTURES if they appear blurred.

Nadia Szabó

Time Schedule

27th of March, Mo

ZOOM Café:Opening Ceremony & Vernissage

Virtual and interactive exhibition of the tutors’ felt art work.
Ask and nurse your curiosity directly at the spring.

28th of March, Tue

Felting LIVE: Warty Tentaclothorpes

 with Márti Csille

29th of March, Wed

Felting LIVE: Hoofed Animals

 with Bea Németh

30th of March, Thu

ZOOM Café: Bonfireside Chat

Hang out with felting peers intercontinental

ZOOM Café: Q&A follow up chat

 with Bea Németh 

Bonus Program: Presentation

with Jorie Johnson

31th of March, Fri

Bonus Program: Psychofelting

with Corinna & Peter

ZOOM Café: Q&A follow up chat

 with Márti Csille

1st of April, Sat

Felting LIVE: Fur Collar

with Nadia Szabó

Yoga for Felters 

2nd of April, Sun

Felting LIVE: Shoulder Bag

with Mihály Vetró

3rd of April, Mo

Felting LIVE: Twister Pots

with Dagmar Binder

4th of April, Tue

ZOOM Café: Bonfireside Chat

Hang out with felting peers intercontinental

ZOOM Café: Q&A

with Nadia & Dagmar

Bonus Program: Yoga for Felters

with Zoé Kósa

5th of April, Wed

ZOOM Café: Bonfireside Chat

Hang out with felting peers intercontinental

ZOOM Café: Q&A

with Mihály Vetró

FINISSAGE & Closing Ceremony

with all tutors


CorNit Felting Camp 2023



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Frequently Asked Questions

YES! 👍 Grab the additional download ticket and you have the classes + the yoga session forever.
Without this you can watch the videos online until 1st of August 2023.

Basic knowledge of felting (hollow felt, string, ball, surface) is desirable. But there have been several brave pioneers who felted their very first time here – and it worked out well. You also have the 100% money-back-guarantee so there is no risk for you.

You can choose PayPal, bank card or bank transfer after adding the ticket to the shopping cart.

No problem! 🥳 Then watch the videos online anytime or after downloading them. In the forum group or the Q&A sessions you can ask your questions and show your work.

The recordings should be available from the following day. 

No, please check the materials list and order what you need and don’t have at home. The materials list will arrive immediately after you purchase via email and you can also download it from the thank you page that opens after purchase. 

Yes! You can watch all classes also online or downloaded undependently of the live zoom lessons. You should get all the help to finish your work happily. 🤩 

The wonderfully organized, creative, educational, inspiring, exciting, exhausting and fun felting week.... Although we have been felting for a long time we learned a lot and got many new ideas. It was a great experience!

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For me it was an instructive and very lively meeting. Especially in this time it was a super nice cheer up and motivation

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The single course tickets contain only the program taking place on that day.

The download tickets are supplementary tickets and are not valid individually, without a full-camp ticket or single course ticket

Twister Pots



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Shoulder Bag



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Hoofed Animals



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Curly Collar



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Who is parenting this event?

Corinna CorNit Nitschmann

Architect & Fiber Taming Felt Artist featured in international magazines and books. Corinna has been teaching felting online in German, English and Hungarian since 2009. 

Péter Póth

Péter works as a trainer for self-knowledge and personality development with single clients and groups. He is also the grey eminence as holder of the technical framework and webmaster of CorNit Felt.

We were out of reality for a week, didn't have to think about news. I had to regain my footing, like when you come home after a nice vacation.

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