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Here I will gradually share the currently received parts for our big peace felt project, that I have already unpacked, supplemented with the numbers, because it is interesting to know how many people are there from where in the world.
Unfortunately, it’s beyond my time to write the names, I hope nobody will be angry with me for that.
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Series nr.10

Series nr.9

Series nr.8

Series nr 7

Series nr 6

Series nr 5

Series nr.4

Series nr.3

Series nr.2

Series nr1

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Click HERE for all details like what easy-peasy prefelts we are collecting for the huge whole intercontinental thing. 

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3 thoughts on “#makefeltnotwar Project Insights”

  1. I am so curious to see the updated page Corinna with subscribers, and amount donated to your wonderful project! I have written a small article for our local newspaper about this project and the Walla Walla Prefelts. Anxious to use new information! Linnea Keatts

    • Wow! Thank you so much, Linnea, that”s fantastic! Please send me a photo of the article I am so moved! 🙂

  2. I left a comment asking for your telephone number. I got our post office to send it without the number. I don’t know how ling it will take, and I couldn’t afford to pay
    For tracking – I hope I get lucky and my felt comes to you without any trouble. Thank you!


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