Do you know, how easter eggs become colored? … Does the bunny paints them? Noooo. Today I had the chance to keep track of an amazing phenomenon. I show you the process exclusive in my felt blog. Next week I bring the photos to the National Geography Magazin. So…I heard something rustling…I looked into the garden and I saw a lot of white points queuing in the grass…

I grabbed my camera stuffed the sandwich I was eating into my pocket (you can never know) and opened the door to the terrace…

I followed them…they were EGGS!!! A lot of white eggs were hurrying in a line through the green green grass of home.

It was amazing to see them climbing up the nearly 84″ high cluster of wood.

Above they took a rest under the cherry tree blossoms.

After approx. 5 minutes they went on climbing through the wood and then they climbed down on the other side…

The biggest egg went on the lookout and began to skip…he was hopping Morse!!! (Of course, I understand Morse. I need it to communicate with the wool fibers.) I nearly couldn’t believe it…intelligent eggs! It let the other eggs know that the destination isn’t so far yet, so they could take a longer rest. So I had the chance to grab the sandwich crumbs from my pocket and eat.

I tried to espy in the distant what the leading egg might have had see…THERE IT IS!!!…A fingerpost!

The eggs started to run…they were so fast that I nearly lost them. When I closed in on them it knocked me for a loop…

A colorful bunch of wool (extra fine merino) lay in the grass and the eggs happily jumped into it…It was screaming like in the lido next to the children’s basin.

…and then they came out of the wool…COLORED!!! Happy Easter and happy days if Easter doesn’t belong to your cultural heritage. Let peace & wellness lay in the hands of humankind.


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39 thoughts on “Wandering Eggs…”

  1. Beautiful Easter story! I was totally eggrossed! An eggstraordinary revelation…I never Knew – I’m so eggcited!
    Woolly thank you xxx

  2. So eggstraordinary that you witnessed this rare treat as they scrambled over poached ground to be eggsalted to multi colours. l was eggsausted following them. I shell tell all my friends.
    My egg is cosy and coloured in her warm felt jacket. She was eggsited to see them find the rainbow.
    Happy Easter Corinna

  3. Loved the story! clicked on the “coloring eggs with wool” coupon and saw a url flash, yet couldn’t access the activity.

    • Thank you, Ann.
      That might have been some bug because the pic should only lead you to this very serious and academic article. 😉

  4. You must have been eggshausted after that eggspedition…I hope the sandwich …(?egg,)was suitable nourishment at the end! Have a happy Easter!

    • It must be my keyboard…sometimes I hear it giggling at night. I personally usually sit there with a very tight face while writing.

  5. Completely brilliant , I love that you caught this event on camera , I’m sure national geographic will love it !
    Enjoy your sandwich! And eggs today peacefully wishes and warm wool,

    • Sorry cannot write you a kind answer, I’m still munching that sandwich and have already a lot of crumbs n my keyoard ad a lt f butts dosn’ work gsh…sry…

  6. lovely story! It made me laugh! And such appropriate word pun responses! I can’t think of another one… Happy Easter everyone!

    • Thank you, Monica, you made me learn a new English word: pun. So, sorry, I haven’t time to write you more, I have to sit in my armchair now memorizing it… 😉
      But I still can share the German version for pun with you: Wortspiel . Say it like vortshpeel. And in Hungarian that say: szójáték…so-yatake. LOL

    • I was bothered some times that some of them will fall off but they seemed to by very experienced in climing… 🙂

  7. It made me laugh, so brilliantly told, so qute. Could read more stories like these…….thank you Corinna and a very Happy Easter to you! 🙂

  8. What a wonderful story! I always wondered how Easter eggs came to be colored, and now I know – it takes some of my favorite ingredients to make this beautiful miracle.


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