Join our collective felting project from home...

…if you’re tired with the daily bad news,

…if you want to move out of crying or listless melancholy,

…if you’re wishing for the colorful chirping normality of spring and you’d like to help while felting. 

Let's unite our fibers to make one big PEACE FELT together!

You do this FROM HOME and we’ll let the ready felt travel and be exhibited… 

The Plan:

  1. Felters from all over the world send us a piece of prefelt as big as the palm of a hand. 
  2. Near to Budapest (Hungary/Europe) we’ll unite, felt and full them to get one big Peace Felt.
  3. That Peace Felt will be exhibited in public buildings to show how the in the history hitherto unparalleled cohesion of nations we see nowadays can look like. 
  4. All the incoming registration fees (name your price) will be donated to an aid organization, elected by the attendees, that is working with refugees from the Ukraine now.  

That's how you can join :


Register on the botton of that page by paying a fee that’s up to you. (It can also be 1€.)

Registering yourself for that project is very important for us because so we can plan what big area we’ll need for laying out all incoming prefelts. (Will the living room be enough or do we need the school’s training room…) We cannot move the half ready piece if 195 other prefelts arrive unexpected. 

We’ll transfer the sum received from the registration costs to an aid organization for the benefit of the Ukrainian refugees. So you can also donate whilst felting, but this is not the primary goal of this project, but to strengthen our own stability, because we will continue to need it in the future.
As a participant, you will be able to vote on where we should donate the money.

2. FELT...

Make a green and/or blue prefelt as big as the palm of your hand. 

– It shouldn’t be exact rectangular,

-use the shades of blue and/or green (NO OTHER COLORS, please),

– it can be monochromatic, but you can also decorate it however you wish with fibers, yarns, locks etc in similar colors but if possible please avoid using very concrete motifs. Would be nice to get more “water colored” patches than small pictures, 

Yes, pre-felt can vary in thickness, different ones will arrive. The essential thing is that it can still be felted onto the wool base. 

In our vision, a whole composed of watercolor spots floats.

Let the prefelt dry before sending it. If it got too firm, please make the back a bit more fluffy again because we won’t have time for that. Thank you. 🙂


Send your prefelt by May 15, 2022 to the Hungarian address that you will receive via email after registering.

Every day I will take the received parts and lay them out. You will be able to follow the process on the pages listed below.

The blue-green prefelt parts are puzzled daily until they are felted together to form a large, uniform surface felt.

4. WATCH...

…so that you can follow the development:

– be a member of the international facebook group “Make Felt Not War”, which is part of this project.

Show everyone else what your part looks like, praise your companions so we can feel that we are a team.

– Follow the action on Instagram at
Use #makefeltnotwar as a hashtag so I can comment on you if you post something about it.

You will regularly find out from which countries the prefelts come, how many participants we are, what the puzzle looks like at the moment…



  • Send the URL address of this page via email or other message to your friends who are enthusiastic about felting. That is it:
  • Invite your fuzz-friends to the “Make Felt Not War” open facebook group
  • Share / comment on the relevant posts so that they are also shown more often by Mr. Zuckerberg.
  • Use #makefeltnotwar as a hashtag when posting on Instagram so I can comment on you.


…is created by placing the received parts on a neutral wool base and combining and fulling them into a large surface felt. In this way, the many different prefelts merge into one big whole.

After that, this wall felt will travel for a while and be exhibited in public buildings. This is how we show the world what we have achieved and created, telling the story of how we came about with which we demonstrate the hope for peaceful coexistence on the globe.

Be one of the midwives at birth and also one of the proud mothers of our Peace Felt. Visit it if it is also exhibited in your area, you will receive the list in good time.

What we don't promise...

This is not an online felting course or a face puzzle in zoom on your screen. This is a lively, international cooperation, which ends with a tangible result: A real felt is created in such a way that everyone involved takes part from home.

We don’t know how many people will actually be involved. We hope for many. However, if there are fewer people who get more joy from it in these times, it has been worth it. (See below for some psychological explanation…)

We don’t promise that this will make all your oppressive feelings go away, but we do promise that you’ll have a few happy minutes while you’re felting while you can still use it to help others.

Why are we doing this? To keep hope...

…because human selfishness, which was more or less put in our “backpack”, wants to devour the world again. Many people miraculously put theirs aside for a while, it’s a great joy. But what will happen after everything goes back to normal?
Let’s set an example for the union of peoples that has never been experienced before! When our felt is finished, print out the picture and nail it to your wall so that you never forget that human can interact in such a peaceful way too.

Who is organizing this?

YOU and many other felters

Your place is among us, together with fuzz-friends from all over the world, who splash around in the soapy water across continents, speak different languages ​​and send their works to Hungary.

Corinna Nitschmann

Architect & Fiber Taming Felt Artist. I have been teaching felting online and live in German, English and Hungarian since 2009. I have already organized the world’s first international, virtual felters’ meeting with hundreds of participants three times.

Péter Póth

On the one hand I work as a trainer for self-knowledge and personality development, on the other hand as a webmaster and marketing assistant in Corinna’s felt company. At the online felt meetings, I, as the grey eminence, hold the technical framework.


In the last 2 years, we have successfully set up the world’s only, intercontinental, virtual felting camp together three times, where earthlings banished to their homes could happily felt and exchange ideas with each other.

Armed with our organizational experience and the necessary software background, we invite you on this journey to work towards a better future together.

How does felting together contribute to your well-being?

In other words, how big is a palm-sized felt? Let’s look at the positive, life-changing effects, far greater than you realize…

Freezing in stressful situations and the associated feelings of powerlessness, fear and anger are completely natural human reactions. “I cannot influence what is happening, I have no control over my life.”

The first step outward is to perceive these feelings, accept them and find the smallest actionable movement. Forcing positive thoughts and thinking endlessly only makes things harder and keeps us focused on the already overwhelmed mind.

According to modern psychology, you experience the good effects on four levels:

Level 1

A physically demanding activity frees you from circling thoughts and directs your attention outwards. Felting is one such activity.

Level 2

The visible revealing of your inner experiences, your feelings, which are connected to what is happening, redirects them into creative work. This has a relieving effect, as countless artists have already confirmed.

Level 3

Through this visible release of your feelings, you transform what is inside into what is outside, which at the same time allows you to step away from it. It also seems less scary that way.

Level 4

Doing all of this with comrades gives you the bonus of not being alone and being a valuable part of the world.

Register - name your price

It is important to register so that we can see how much space we need for laying out and felting.
In addition to felting, you can also donate, but this is not the primary goal of this project. We transfer the sum received from the registration costs to an aid organization for the benefit of the Ukrainian refugees.
You can get started here with as little as €1, we’d be happy about more of course, but every coin counts.
Click on the button and you’ll be there:


Blue or green wool of any kind, whether fleece, top, curls… optionally other similarly colored fibers for decoration.

Yes, you can also work with your friends and you send your prefelts in one package. Or you make more alone. 🙂

Yes! But it shouldn’t be soooo dense that the loose wool will not be able to attach when felting it on the base. 

Yes! PLease use wool that is fluffy or contains a lot of wool AND make a loose/airy/lightweight knitting or crochet piece so that wool fibers from the base can go through while felting it.

PayPal, card payment or bank transfer, you will be guided through the payment process after you press the JOIN NOW button.

1. So that we know for sure the number of incoming pre-felt parts and not just promises that flow in and the will then comes to nothing.

2. So that we can also support the refugee helpers.

In public buildings that are open to it and want to support the project with the costs of forwarding it as part of the roadshow.

Register right now, because you might forget later and it will be too late. 🙁

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