Types of programs we’ll have


virtual felting camp 1
Felting classes live

Four Hungarian felt artist share their unique classes with you. They have never’t held these courses in English before. Be one of the early adopters.
(We have a solution if you can’t stand there live.)

2 presentations

– “Felt work of Irani people living in Turkmenistan” by Mari Nagy & István Vidák, Hungarian felt masters, rescuers and researchers of felt making.

– “Light-written symbols by ancient felts” by Mihály Vetró felt maker, Young Master of Hungarian Folk Art,  researcher of the history of felt making


virtual felting camp 2
Video classes

With the Basic Ticket you have 3 months to watch the felting classes online.
Come with the Full Experience Ticket and along with other great things you’ll get the download permission, so you can attend these classes in years again as often as you wish.


virtual felting camp 3
step-by-step tutorials

Along with the felting classes you’ll get a detailed .pdf tutorial for download to each class. That you can use as a cheat sheet while felting after watching how it goes.

Online workshops

virtual felting camp 55
Felting Webinars

Be online, felt live with the tutors and ask your questions. You’ll get help immediately.
All webinars will be held for different time zones. Questions will be noted for a hand out and you’ll get the video classes on demand as well. 

virtual felting camp 66
Yoga for felters

After long days of felting, time is up to have a well-deserved and caring yoga session to energize your body&mind. Come, free yourself from stiffness and also gently stretch and strengthen your muscles, give a boost to your blood circulation, relieve your joints and skeletal system and immerse yourself in relaxation.


virtual felting camp 7
zoom sessions to the classes

On the day after each webinar we’ll meet in a zoom room where we hear and see each other (but you can also be an incognito watcher). Here we’ll see each other’s felts like in a real camp. Bring them, be proud or ask how to change it. Tutors and the community is there to help and be to happy together about the results.

Fuzzy break out rooms

Where are you from, where are you sitting now on planet Earth, what do you do, and what is your experience of the felting in your country? One of the best aspects of a camp is socializing. These are rare and precious opportunities to meet so many people from all around the world with similar thinking and a similar worldview in such a condensed period of time.
Attendees come from 4 continents and more than 18 countries. Join for this peaceful kind of exchange.

virtual felting camp 8
Ask the tutors

We are there for you! Ask your questions from your armchair, bed or felting table. Contact the tutors in the webinars or in the zoom sessions when we are live or in the CorNit-Felting-Forum between or after the live programs.
We don’t leave you alone with flubbed felts or fuzzy curiousity about felting techniques, solutions, ideas.  

virtual felting camp 10

The base camp that will stay there for you after the Virtual Felting Camp. Here you can go on connecting to your new friends and Corinna CorNit Nitschmann host, organizer and felt artist. Bring your felts, questions, experiences any time.
You don’t have to be on facebook to join, it is independent from every social media channel, hurray!

Integral church
This is not the amber / blue church, nor dogmatized integral. It is a pursuit of trying to create new spiritual communities from an integral vantage point—a global gathering for practitioners of Integral Spirituality, Wild Church, and Creation Spirituality. Using a framework based on the four paths of CS — via positiva, via negativa, via creativa, andvia transformativa– this virtual circle is a blend of embodiment, gratitude, silence, ritual, interactive chat, music, video, and meditation.


virtual felting camp 11
Cooking with Corinna & Peter

We will show you how to cook a traditional Hungarian dish. A pinch of Hungary on your virtual plate spiced with some good tasting Hungarian words. To learn a bit more about this small country where our felt tutors come from.


virtual felting camp 12
Vernissage - opening ceremony

Interactive zoom room program with the tutors and felters from all over the world. Each tutor will exhibit some of her favorite art works, they will narrate them and you can ask anything directly from the artist.
Satisfy your thirstiness of curiosity directly at the well.

virtual felting camp 13
Finissage - closing ceremony

The virtual exhibition of felt work that has arised in the world’s first Virtual Felting Camp held in English. Your felts and those of your peers shown to everyone who will come. Bring your friends, family, neighbours as well.


100% money back guarantee

If you don’t like the Virtual Felting Camp, you will be refunded: Please write us an email with the subject “Fiberguarantee” and we will send the whole payed price back to you without questioning.
Every German CorNit felting course has been working with this guarantee since 2009.



Basic or Full Experience?

If you’ve chosen one of these program menus below, want to grab your ticket fast and lean back satisfied. 
Click on SINGLE TICKETS below.

Need lower price?

Step 1: Ask your felt-friend(s) if they would like to join the world’s first virtual felting camp with you.
(If you have no near fuzz-friends, you can also ask other felters in facebook groups or other social media channels if they want to join.)

Step 2: If you have 1 companion both of you buy a ticket (Basic or Full. Exp.) with the fuzzy70 promo code to get 70€/person OFF.

If you have at least 2 companions, all of you buy a ticket (Basic or Full. Exp.) with the fuzzy100  promo code to get 100€/person OFF.

Leave a message in your order, who you’ll come with.

Cannot be payed as partial payment.




Full Experience




Most frequent questions and answers

The classes are like one-day classes as if you would enter a real room in the morning and work there until late afternoon.

The classes are different lengths. As I remember the German virtual camp the house took the group 8,5 hours to finish but the leaf shawl only 6,5 but including shorter and also a 1 hour break.

In the webinars, you’ll work live and after showing a step of the felting project we wait until everyone has done it. So it is really nearly like working in a group, that’s why I cannot tell exactly how long they will take live.
Of course, if you work with the videos alone you can stop or (re)wind as you like.

What are the costs in my currency?
Please google “money converter” and a small form comes up where you immediately can change the Euro price into your currency. So you can check all kinds of tickets. 🙂
Thank you!

Please use the time converter that you find under the time schedule.

You come to the camp, there you see, you hear, you might really felt, you discuss etc. or you just watch the videos classes alone, you join the bonus programs if you like…
And if you have that feeling like “this was crap” or “bad tutors, didn’t understand what to do” or “what a waste of money” or something like this, you write us an email within 90 days after camp and we will send your ticket fee back.
We don’t one anyone to take a risk.
Nobody else gives money-back-guarantee for online felting events. CorNit has been doing this since 2009.
So hop on without any risk.

We will give you very detailed info on how to join a webinar or a zoom or get to the videos and you can also email us if something shouldn’t be clear enough.
We also will make small videos where you can see how to log in.
I’m sure you will make it. 🙂

We have good solutions for that because many people have to work etc. and cannot stand there for a week.

1. Questions coming up in the webinars will be noted and we will make a handout of them so you will not lose information.

2. The Q&A sessions will be recorded so you can watch them later as well.

3. The videos are really veeery much detailed, you will come clear with them alone as well. The step-by-step handouts will help a lot if you don’t want to watch the videos again just need a cheat sheet while working.
4. You will get access to my Fiber- Tamers-Forum where you can ask and show also later and CorNit Corinna or/and group members will answer and discuss. The forum will stay after the camp. (The German forum has been working for three years already, it includs a group for the German Virtual Felting Camp and groups for my other classes, it works well and many felts and felters have come together there already.)
5. If you come with the Full Experience Ticket you can access the Follow-up zooms. The main aim is to support felters to finish what they might hadn’t finished in the live classes or to clear problems they might have gotten while felting after the virtual camp.

So you’ll have a real live connection at least to Corinna and other members also if you cannot attend live. And if a question or problem should come up later to one of these classes Corinna has direct contact with the tutors.
I hope we will meet. 🙂

We meet in ZOOM for these programs, there we can hear and see each other and the felt as well. (You can alo stay incognito if you turn off your camera nad micro.) Q&A sessions will be recorded so you can watch them later as well.
You can also ask about and bring felt projects from other days not only from the day before. It’s ok to mix the course themes in the Q&A.

Checked orb



Leaf shawl






Felt jewelry



Felt house



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