General Terms of Contract

General Terms of Contract of and steps of contracting (purchase) through the website of Corinna Nitschmann ( )

These General Terms of Contract (hereafter: „GTC”) shall be applicable to purchases through the website, as at the time of the purchase /order. By submitting the purchase order, the purchaser (hereinafter: „Purchaser”) shall fully and unconditionally accept and submit to the provisions of the GTC.

Full and from time to time the effective text of the GTC may be read on and downloaded from the website: The seller may amend the GTC at any time without cause. In case of such change, terms of the GTC in effect at the time of the submission of the purchase order shall be applicable.  Any change shall be applicable to orders submitted after its entry into force, changes shall have no retroactive effect.

I.        The Seller

Name: Corinna Nitschmann

Registered seat: 81737 München, Bärenwaldstr. 7a, Germany

Registration number: 0109916080

Tax number: 146/110/31115

E-mail address:

Telephone: (+36) 308630565

II. Steps of e-contracting (e-purchase)

  1. After entering the e-store, the Purchaser shall add the selected product to the cart („add to cart”).
  1. Any product selected and added to the cart may be viewed by clicking on the „view cart” option. Here the Purchaser may amend the purchase order.
  1. The Purchaser may forward to the actual purchase of the selected product by clicking on the „Proceed to checkout” option under the „View Cart” menu.

3.1. Should the Purchaser already be registered at the time of purchase, he/she may enter the purchase finalization and payment pages by entering its user name/e-mail address and password.

3.2. Should the Purchaser not yet be registered, he/she needs to enter the following information necessary for the purchase:

– personal data,

– invoice data,

– other information on the program to be ordered.

  1. In order to complete a purchase, the Purchaser must confirm that he/she has read and accepted this GTC and the Data Privacy Statement by ticking the relevant box. Such acceptance is a precondition to the finalization of the order.
  1. By clicking on the „Place order” option, the Purchaser finalizes the purchase and the contract between the Seller and the Purchaser is concluded. Orders are to be made in the English language. The contract put in place with the order shall not qualify as a written contract, contracts are made only in electronic form.

III.     Methods of payment

  1. When purchasing through the website, the Purchaser may select from the following payment methods:
  • Electronic payment: Upon the election of the Purchaser, the may pay via the PayPal system or with a bank card.  The system shall transfer the Purchaser to the site of the payment service provider, where, after filling int he necessary data – the Purchaser may approve the transaction. Upon successful payment, the webstore shall send immediate notice to the Purchaser including the details of the purchase.  The webstore shall send notice to the Purchaser of any unsuccessful payment.
  • Individual transfer: The Purchaser shall receive banking data necessary for the transfer. Upon completion of the transfer, the Purchaser shall receive an e-mail on the successful transaction.
  1. After receipt of the purchase price, the Seller shall issue an invoice and send it to the Purchaser via e-mail.

IV.     Miscellaneous

  1. The website is operated and maintained by the Seller. The website has been construed to make it possible to applicants to sign up through the internet for conferences organized by the Seller and to purchase visual and audio materials of previous conferences.


  1. The GTC and any contract concluded pursuant to the GTC shall be governed by German law. Government Decree No. 45/2014. (II. 26.) on detailed provisions applicable to contracts between consumers and business undertakings shall apply to the products ordered through the webpage and related rules and terms.
  1. Operation of the website shall be governed by the German Civil Code and Act No. 108 of 2001 on certain issues regarding e-commerce services and services related to informational society (the „E-commerce Law”).
  1. Purchasers may submit to the Seller their complaints regarding the purchased products via e-mail to Corinna Nitschmann:

V.      Termination and other rights

  1. Should the Purchaser qualify under the German Civil Code as a consumer, it shall have the rights of rescission and termination of the contract, as well as, in the event of default performance, it may have warranty rights with respect to the purchased product or service, in accordance with Government Decree No. 45/2014 (II.26.).
  1. The Purchaser may rescind or terminate the contract (i) between the purchase and the delivery of the product or (ii) within 14 days (i) from the receipt of the product by the Purchaser. Should the Purchaser rescind the contract, The Seller shall, without delay but in any event within 14 days of the Seller’s obtaining knowledge of the termination, repay or return to the Purchaser any already paid consideration. The Seller may withhold the purchase price until the Purchaser returns the product to the Seller or the Purchaser provides undoubtful evidence to the Seller that the Purchaser has sent back the product.

The Purchaser may not exercise its right to rescind or terminate the purchase contract, inter alia, with respect to seal packed audio and video records if the packing has been unsealed by the Purchaser after delivery.

  1. In case of signing up for events organize by the Seller and/or related services (entry) tickets, accommodation, travel and other ancillary services), the Purchaser may exercise its termination rights as follows:
  • Termination exercised prior to the 70th calendar day of the event commencement date: 100% of completed payment shall be returned;
  • Termination exercised between the 69th and the 45th day prior to the event commencement date: 50% of completed payment shall be returned;
  • Termination exercised between the 44th and the 15th day prior to the event commencement date: 30% of completed payment shall be returned;
  • In case of termination exercised within 15 days prior to the event commencement date, no payment shall be returned.

Downloadable version of the General Terms and Contract

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