Felting Camp LIVE in Hungary

5 days of felting with 5 instructors in a heavenly place organized by Corinna CorNit Nitschmann fiber tamer & felt artist. Peppered with tasty and worth seeing.

LIVE in Hungary CorNit Felting Camp 2023

5 days of felting with 5 instructors in a heavenly place organized by Corinna CorNit Nitschmann fiber tamer & felt artist. Peppered with tasty and worth seeing.

Anikó Boros

The pebble lover and queen of the finest felt jewelry on Earth.
This time she accompanies you on site felting a fuchsia necklace.

Márti Csille

Felt with decorative yarns, bells, glass nuggets or embroidery. Doorsill guardians with a graceful and cheerful colorful soul are created in her course.

Gabriella Kovács

Characteristic felt houses, pomegranates, trees of life and yarn striped felt are her favorite subjects. But now she'll felt small bags with you.

Nadia Szabó

The enchantress of curly garments and rainbow colored plant prints on felt will show you how to felt a nuno felt scarf in a colorful mosaic glass window design.

Bea Németh

She deals with the modern interpretation of traditional felt patterns and techniques. You felt with her great pillows and with a funny turn....

Felting Lessons & Other Programs

Realize the additional potential in the 5 felting courses: you will meet much more knowledge, (than just 5 techniques), which you will also be able to use individually and differently in your future felting objects. Here are a few secret details, scroll down for the whole objects:

What we are going to do...

Learning something new by...

Felting together live

To be able to exchange all our questions and experiences interactively, participants as well as instructors, leads to a very great common knowledge, from which we all benefit and again give birth to different or even more professional felting works. The nice thing about it is that you don’t even have to wait for the effect. It comes immediately, the new is immediately applicable.

In touch...Party time!

fuzz free events

– Culinary from wine cellar to jam contest…and in between…let yourself be surprised

– Culture & history with gothic and romanesque architecture

– Visit local craftsmen

– Campfire, hiking, walking, gossiping, resting, having real eye contact

The program

Brief overview:
09th Sept. Saturday: Arrival (with transfer from Budapest).

10-15.Sept.: 5 days felting, in between one rest day with optional extra programs

16th Sept. Saturday: Departure (transfer to Budapest)


In the so-called chat corner of the facebook-independent felting forum, where you can reach Corinna and your felting colleagues, we can exchange ideas before the trip and you can already make contact with other participants. Maybe you will even travel together, and you can also discuss your travel arrangements there. And the anticipation is guaranteed.

Celebrating art

Vernissage - Opening ceremony

An on-site exhibition of the instructors’ artwork. Drill them directly with your questions after they tell you about their artworks and show them.
Satisfy your curiosity right at the source.


Finissage - Closing ceremony

The exhibition from the created felt works of this week and a last happy get-together. We also invite the villagers, this program is open to all interested.

5 colorful felting topics

Anikó Boros: Fuchsia necklace

Felting finer does not exist. And you will know why…

– You will learn to felt the finest cords and elegantly shaped petals.

– Anikó shows different models of fuchsia. The inner flower cup can also be decorated with silk.

– The strings can end with felted stones or in ruffles.

– Tiny little stones are also felted in the stamp.

– You will learn how to felt several hollow shapes including stamps in them.

Click on the pictures if they appear blurry

Anikó Boros

Márti Csille: Doorsill guardian

… for cheerfulness at the entrance and to keep evil away.

Márti’s threshold guardian is the modern version of the traditional tumars, which is an amulet-like embroidered felt to keep evil away and is hung in the entrance area of the yurt.

You’ll learn to felt a home ornament composed of different pieces, beautifully decorated with felted-in fancy yarns, glass nuggets and embroidery.

Lines and dots can be worked out three-dimensionally, in relief, little things you bring with you, bells can be sewn on or felted in and you will go home with a poetically fine structure for your home. (…and you will not be able to save yourself from the inner desire to felt a doorsill guard for your beloved as well).

Click on the images if they appear blurry

Csille Márti

Gabriella Kovács: Cozy bag for "lazy" felters

… great design from needlefelt without much fiddling with the fiber laying.

Dreamy felt watercolor on small bags and cases felted exclusively from needle fleece.

A charming technique for “lazy” felters who would rather use the time spent laying out fibers for something else, because laying out tufts of wool is not necessary here.

(According to Gabi, cases are more likely to be completely finished in one day, but maybe you’re the nimble felter and go home with a shoulder bag).

Click on the images should they appear blurred.

Gabriella Kovács

Nadia Szabó: Nuno scarf in mosaic glass window design

… with many different colored “glass parts”.

How do you puzzle together all those different colored pieces of fabric, connect them with wool and then roll them without the whole thing falling apart halfway through?

Nadia tells you the secret, with which you can make it even with trembling hands. Hard lines or curly patterns, monochrome or in many colors, think already how yours should look like.

Click on the pictures if they appear blurred.

Nadia Szabó

Bea Németh: Pillow...

… between tradition and modernity. With an unexpected step…

You may already think how these pillows were felted.

But there will be a surprise in the course that you definitely don’t expect….

Apart from that, you can learn more about traditional patterns, learn how to make rope and practice working freely without much thinking.

In addition, laughter is guaranteed in the course with Bea.

Click on the pictures if they appear blurry.

Bea Németh

The place: Nagybörzsöny

Welcome to the cute little village at the foot of the Börzsöny Mountains, only an hour away from the capital. The biggest noise is caused by the birds and the babbling of the small brook. Besides the pure nature, historical monuments guard the history of the village, where gold and silver mining took place in the Middle Ages: the Gothic and Romanesque churches, the water mill, the residence of the former mine manager, small memorials in the village center.

Felt and rest and enjoy the slow life.

Gastronomically, the local wines, cheeses, smoked, dried and the chutneys and marmalade will turn your head.

The local pit cutter and wood lace carver, the ladies who make dried fruit and gingerbread are also happy to have us visit.

Optional for family members:

A beautiful, small fishing lake awaits everyone at the edge of the village in a valley.

Easier and steeper hiking trails run in the area, bring your family.

Boat trip in the Danube bend under the castle of Visegrád


Full Program Ticket


Full Program Ticket

3 Months partial payment


Full Program Ticket

6 Months partial payment


Additional tickets

Partner Ticket


Single Room Ticket


Spec. Diet Ticket


Tent/Camper Discount Codes

Copy one of the codes below into the box provided in the shopping cart and the total price will drop €125 or €250 depending on whether you will be staying alone or with a partner in the mobile home.

Mobile homes and tents are placed in the garden of a private accommodation and can use the bathroom, toilet and kitchen there.

- Tent/camper discount code if you will be staying alone: tentalone125
- Tent/camper discount code if you will be staying with your partner: tentfortwo250


Frequently asked questions

Single, double rooms or 4 person apartmants in local pansion or private cottages in the village. The price per night is the same. Camper or tent is also possible, please write an email.
For single rooms there is a little extra charge, please write an email before ordering if you want to have a single room.

If you travel to Budapest by bus, train or plane, we will pick you up, drive you there and on the day of departure we will drive you back to Budapest. By car simply according to the map.

There are direct train, bus and air connections from many major cities around the world.

No. You can choose the material yourself on the spot and buy the amount you want. Anikó brings self-dyed wool for the jewelry you buy from her. I will send the material list soon after registration, you can also bring your own wool and then only need to buy the jewelry wool.

Please bring cotton cloth, mesh, ball shower, favorite felting underlay, rolling core, towels, sponge or similar items you prefer . Soap and bowls will be provided on site.

Oh yes, we are happy to include them. For men or non-felting family members, we also have program suggestions if they would like to be active while you splash in the soapy water.
Please email us so we can clarify costs for additional people.

In the local pension we get breakfast, lunch and dinner. On the day of arrival only dinner, on the day of departure only breakfast.
If you have a food intolerance let us know, we will arrange it.

Please see the listing below at the tickets.

No, online there will be a different program. If you come to Hungary, you will get a significant discount for the online meeting in the fall, if you want to participate as well.

Basic knowledge of felting (hollow felt, string, ball, surface) is desirable. If you consider yourself skilled, it might work out, even if it doesn’t result in your world’s best felt.

Sure! But you don’t have to of couse If you prefer hiking instead.

You can choose PayPal, credit card or bank transfer after adding the ticket to the shopping cart.

Yes, for 6 months. See tickets below. If you prefer a 3 months payment plan, please email us and we will set it up for you.

Do you have further questions?

Secure your spot quickly, we are not online here, the number of participants is limited!

What happens after your order?

A new page will open on your screen confirming your order.
Within 24 hours you will also receive the first email and several until the camp, so please by no means unsubscribe from the ‘newsletter’ because we won’t reach you from then on.

Send questions at any time to corinna@cornitfelt.com, Corinna or Fuzz-assistant Adrienn will answer.

Who is organizing this?

Corinna Nitschmann

Architect & Fiber Taming Felt Artist. I have been teaching felting online and live in German, English and Hungarian since 2009. I have already organized the world’s first international, virtual felters’ meeting with hundreds of participants three times.

Péter Póth

On the one hand I work as a trainer for self-knowledge and personality development, on the other hand as a webmaster and marketing assistant in Corinna’s felt company. At the online felt meetings, I, as the grey eminence, hold the technical framework.

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