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Follow up zoom meetings after the camp to get your camp-felts really ready and to further you making another one which will be better than the first attempt.

Life time acces = video class download of all 5 classes of the Virtual Felting Camp. So you don't have to bother that you didn't make good enough notes in the class and you can attend the same course in years as well without loosing information. Maybe your daughter will be big enough till than and you can make a family felting day.

Four-Seasons-Felting-Subscription with Corinna CorNit Nitschmann 4 classes through one year

For all the 4 classes you get

  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • life time acces = video download
  • pdf handouts
  • webinar class
  • Q&A zoom
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • life time acces = video download
  • pdf handouts
  • webinar class
  • Q&A zoom

Felting with raw wool - 3 July 2021

Felt your own fur cushions, rugs, wall felts, cat beds…from raw wool. Such a fantastic trip with natural fibers. In this course you’ll learn 

how to felt mono- and mosaic cushions,

how to felt long-curly and flat-curly cushions,

– how to give a rectangular or round shape to your fur-felt,
– how you can work with holy and how with even fleeces,
– which different backings you can create while felting.

Click on the pics.

felting raw wool cushions 1

Felting mushrooms - 2 Oct 2021

Fluffy mushrooms, toadstools, fungi or even a felted mushroom house for a dwarf are standing on the menu.
You can felt them in endless variations, with or without nunofelt inlays tunning shaded leaf print patterns in an endless variety of colour combinations. 

Cap, ring, stem and cup will be all felted wet in one piece, no needle felting or sewing requiered.

The finished objects could be monochrom or multicoloured and often gives you surprising results. Click on the pics.

felting mushroom toadstool fungi

Felting mittens with structure - 4 Jan 2022

In this class you will felt tailor-made mittens, we don’t only felt a tube. They should fit well, don’t they. 

You will create fine, lightweight and comfy felt with a wonderful surface structure and I show you how the rose hips were made. 

The double layer is felted on the mittens, you don’t see here two pieces pulled over each other. 🙂 We will felt mittens with a thumb but you can make some without if you wish. Of course you can change colours or  

Click on the pictures.

Felting crazy chicks - 2 April 2022

Wings, hackles, wattles, comb, eyelashes etc. will be felted onto the chick, we don’t needle felt or sew them on.

I show you different methods for funny combs and contrasting wattles and tails.

You’ll learn what differences will occur through different types of wool.

Click on the pics.

felting chickens 1

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Come and let's work together one year long! Fluffy regards & mothless wool

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